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Dog owners who wish to select their own ingredients

People currently making their own dog food who want to make sure that it is balanced

Dogs with medical problems needing special dietary restrictions

Families that are concerned about the ever increasing dog food recalls

Dog owners seeking hypoallergenic options

Kidney and other medical patients who don't like prescription diets



~ They know the meals are complete because every recipe shows the entire nutrient breakdown.


~ Hearthstone tastes good, so their dog eats with enthusiasm.


~ It is simple to prepare with only 3 main ingredients: meat, carbohydrate and oil.


~ Lots of flexibility. There are many meat and carbohydrate options to choose from.


~ They see results -- and they see them quickly.


That depends.

How much control do you want over your dog’s diet?

With Hearthstone Homemade, you control the quality of the ingredients you choose. That means you have more control over the health of your dog.

Hearthstone Homemade Dog Food Recipes and Nutrients allow you to control the bowel.You also control the way your homemade dog food is made in the safety of your kitchen. On average there are 5 commercial dog food recalls a month… But not with Hearthstone Homemade.

Finally, the Hearthstone Homemade program lets you control the variety in your dog’s diet in a way that simply wouldn’t be possible with commercial food. Use different recipes to keep your dog from getting bored, or change ingredients as necessary to meet medical needs.

You truly Control the Bowl!


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What's Missing from Your Homemade Dog Food?

Wholesome Ingredients are

NOT Enough

What About Adding

Kibble to Supplement?

Make Sure Your Homemade is

Balanced and Complete

A Healthy “Looking” On-line Recipe


6 oz. boiled chicken breast

2 cups cooked brown rice

1 oz. gently cooked kale

2 oz. gently cooked carrots, shredded

1 oz. raw apple w/ skin, finely diced

1 tbs. Olive oil

1 tbs. Coconut oil


Chicken and Rice

(One day’s worth of food for a 50 lb dog)

Even foods that are rich in certain nutrients do not guarantee that there will be ENOUGH of that nutrient to meet your dog's minimum requirements and EACH of 42 nutrients needs to be at 100%

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6 oz. boiled chicken breast

2 1/2 cups cooked brown rice

1/2 cup kibble


Chicken and Rice

(One day’s worth of food for a 50 lb dog)

See Below Why Kibble Isn't a Supplement:

The manufacturers of kibble do not put in any EXTRA nutrients. To keep cost low, they use the absolute minimum required, so as you can see above, there are no "left over" nutrients to use as a way to make up for missing nutrients in homemade dog food.

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All Nutrients are 100% or More - Always


6 oz. boiled chicken breast

2 1/2 cups cooked brown rice

5 tsp Corn Canola Oil Blend

1 level scoop Hearthstone - A

1/2 tsp Hearthstone - B


Chicken and Rice

(One day’s worth of food for a 50 lb dog)

Hearthstone recipes are all made to have at least 100% (usually more) of all 42 nutrients. There is no guesswork.

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