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Spicing Up Your Homemade Dog Food

Ken Tudor - Friday, January 15, 2016

Add variety to your dog's homemade dog foodLike us, even dogs can get tired of the same taste day after day. Let’s spice up your homemade dog food and make it a little more interesting.

Who doesn’t like the taste of barbequed meat? That crispy, mesquite flavor is irresistible. Take a break from crocking, stewing, frying or broiling and barbeque the meat. A spicy rub or even a small amount of BBQ sauce can make your dog feel like she is royalty.
Adding spices to the recipe or while cooking the meat or carbohydrates can make the meal more interesting. Small amounts of tumeric, rosemary, sweet basil, oregano or even chili powder will give your dog a flavor of foreign cuisine and add some healthy nutrients. Even small amounts of salad condiments like “Spike” can add some powerful spicy flavor to any meal.
Cook meat with a small amount of low calorie pasta sauce add it to a pasta recipe and magnifico, a meal Lady and the Tramp would die for. Add a ¼ teaspoon of Italian salad dressing for the full taste of Italy.
Condiments can also add flavor but watch the calories.


Catsup – 15 calories/tablespoon
A-1 Steak Sauce – 15 calories/tablespoon
Mustard – 0 calories
Hot Sauces (Tabasco, Srirracha, Chinese mustard etc.) – 0-10 calories/teaspoon


Use your imagination and your own sense of exotic taste. Minimize the use of garlic and onions as these can be toxic in large, regular amounts. And always watch the calories. Salad dressings and oils add 40 calories per teaspoon. Seeds and nuts are also high in calories.


Start your dog’s trip around the world through spicier meals.




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