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My Dog Has Diarrhea. What Should I Feed Her?

Ken Tudor - Monday, October 17, 2016

What to feed a dog with diarrhea?Recently, I have seen a dramatic increase in dogs experiencing a sudden onset of explosive, bloody, mucoid diarrhea. The dogs do not act like they are seriously ill but they eat less and have less energy. Some of the dogs require veterinary care. Many just need a change in diet. So what is the best diet for any dog with diarrhea, hospitalized or not?


Dogs with diarrhea need a low fat, low residue diet. Why?


Fat digestion creates chemicals that promote inflammation. For the healthy normal dog this is not a problem. For a sick intestine, it makes the diarrhea worse.


Indigestible residue, fiber and other poorly digested ingredients act like a sponge and draw water into the intestines and speed gut motility. Again, for the well dog this is not a problem. For the sick dog it increases watery diarrhea.


What Diet Works for Diarrhea in Dogs?
Canned light tuna (drained), cooked skinless chicken or turkey breast are lean sources of protein. Cooked white rice is a low fat and low residue carbohydrate.
How Much Protein and Rice Do I Feed My Dog?
Dog’s Weight: 3-5 lbs

2 Oz. of Cooked Meat/day*

½ Cup of Rice/day



Dog’s Weight: 10-25 lbs

4 Oz. of Cooked Meat/day*

1 Cup of Rice/day


Dog’s Weight: 26-40 lbs

6 Oz. of Cooked Meat/day*

2½ Cups of Rice/day

Dog’s Weight: 41-60 lbs

9 Oz. of Cooked Meat/day*

3¼ Cups of Rice/day


Dog’s Weight: 61-80 lbs

11 Oz. of Cooked Meat/day*

4¼ Cups of Rice/day


Dog’s Weight: 81-100 lbs

13 Oz. of Cooked Meat/day*

5¼ Cups of Rice/day


1) Chicken and Turkey breast should be finely flaked or ground
2) Mix the meats thoroughly with the rice
3) Feed multiple small meals daily (2-3)
4) Dog’s at the low end of the weight category (first half of weight range) should be fed 2/3 of the total meat & rice mix daily
5) Feed this bland diet only until diarrhea has stopped or 7-10 days, then slowly introduce your dog’s regular diet.
This diet is not a balanced and can only be fed for the short period of time indicated!


*Meat shrinks by almost half after cooking. Raw weight needs to be twice the amount of cooked meat needed.


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