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Is Your Dog Food Good? Look at Your Dog’s Poo

Ken Tudor - Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dog poop can tell you a lot about dietFor 33 years I have amazed my veterinary clients with what they think are my psyche powers. Dog owners will tell me they feed a certain, popular brand of premium pet food. And I will make an off-hand reply that their dog probably makes stools nearly as large as elephant stool. If it is a cat I will tell them the size of the stool is probably the length of a cigar. Amazed, every client (no exceptions in 33 years) will say “how did you know?” My answer is always the same, “I know the food.” This food brand, despite the company’s astronomical advertising budget, is a low quality food and the proof is in the poop.

High quality dog food is highly digestible. That means that the ingredients are easily broken down by digestive juices and the nutrients are readily absorbed from the intestines into the blood stream. That leaves very little undigested and non-absorbed food. That means small to moderate amounts of poop. The only thing that came out of your dog was the part of the diet that could not be digested.
But this undigested food is important. It feeds the good bacteria in the colon that promotes a healthy gut and healthy internal immune system. Every diet needs a certain portion of undigested material that produces your dog’s poop.
But a large amount of poop means that too much of the diet is indigestible. Most of the ingredients in the food are passing right through your dog and adding no value to its nutrition. In fact, indigestible protein, which is common in commercial dog food, actually is food for “bad gut bacteria” and is the cause of farting in many breeds of dogs. You are spending a good deal of money on this premium food and those dollars are passing out of your dog’s anus. To add insult to injury you are scooping up those dollars from the yard and throwing them into the trash can. Talk about flushing money down the toilet!
So how do you know your selection on dog food is good? How much stool does your dog make? That is the key question to evaluate any dog food. Our customers at Hearthstone Homemade report that their dogs make very little poop and generally only once a day. And that is because good quality homemade dog food is far more digestible than most popular commercial dog foods.



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