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Homemade Dog Food: 4 Reasons Why It Is a Better Choice

Ken Tudor - Saturday, April 23, 2016

Control Your Dog's BowlJust recently the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admitted they will continue to allow pet food makers to use meat sources other than slaughterhouse scraps. In two separate statements the FDA has said:

“We’re going to allow animals that have died other than by slaughter that are further processed; we will allow those ingredients in pet food.”
“Processed pet food, including pet food consisting of material from diseased animals or animals which have died otherwise than by slaughter, goes through a kill step, such as heat processing, which is designed to kill harmful bacteria.”
This means they are allowing any animal, diseased, euthanized or collected deceased from the road or farm, can be used for pet food. This is hardly quality protein. The price of your commercial dog food will not guarantee it is free of these protein products. Full article here.


Only homemade dog food gives you control over your dog’s nutrition. You “Control the Bowl!”


1) You control the quality. You can choose organic, GMO-free, antibiotic-free, pasture grazed alternative meats.
2) You control the cost. You can shop for the same quality butcher cuts you choose for yourself when they are on sale and your market or discount super stores.
3) You control the freedom from dog food recalls. Your kitchen will not likely be a source of salmonella contamination. There are nearly 5 recalls per month due to salmonella or other bacterial contamination of commercial dog foods.
4) You control the variety. You can choose foods for recipes that are generally not available in commercial dog food to offer more variety in your dog’ diet.
But be careful. According to a study done at UC Davis 95% of online and published homemade dog food recipes are nutritionally deficient. A nutritionally deficient diet is as harmful to your dog’s health as commercial dog food with questionable ingredients. Choose a homemade source that can show you that their recipes are 100% complete and balanced.



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