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Fat Is a Very Active Organ

Ken Tudor - Monday, May 20, 2013

Fat Dogs Have Greater Health RisksFeeding a wholesome homemade diet is only one-half of a complete health plan for your dog. Feeding the right amount of the balanced diet is the other half. Like in humans, carrying excess fat has major health consequences for dogs. Medical professionals have long thought that fat was a passive source of energy and insulation. The extra body fat weight was thought to exacerbate arthritis, reduce exercise, increase panting and possibly lead to diabetes but the influence of fat tissue on the body was grossly underestimated. 

Fat is one of the largest active organs of the body.

Human research has identified over 100 hormones secreted by body fat. Veterinary researchers have identified over 30 hormones and expect to uncover more. In both humans and animals the secreted hormones stimulate the immune system to respond with an inflammatory response to no foreign invader.


This means that overweight and obese humans and animals live in a constant state that is the equivalent of having a fever 24/7/365.

The body thinks that it is fighting infection without an infection. 

This inflammatory response has other repercussions. It predisposes individuals to diabetes and promotes heart, kidney, joint disease and cancer. 

Fat is not just a nuisance but a genuine health threat that will not only shorten life but reduce the quality of that life. Let’s keep Fido fit.

Our next blog will feature an easy formula for determining your dog’s fitness in order to promote optimum weight and health.


Dr. Ken Tudor,


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