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Disasters - Protecting Homemade Dog Food

Ken Tudor - Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Protecting Dog Food in an EmergencyA hurricane or flood has knocked out power to your home. You have canned food, dry goods and bottled water for the family. Your dog eats homemade dog food. You have this week’s supply of her food and 200lbs. of uncooked meat in the freezer.

Did you forget about Lady in your disaster plan?


Switching pets to homemade, cooked or raw, diets makes them vulnerable during prolonged power outages. Homemade diets need refrigeration and freezing. Many of us have hundreds of pounds of meat stored in chest freezers at any given time. Merely letting all of that meat spoil and switching dogs back to canned or kibbled food during the crisis is not a good solution when the answer is so simple.

Having a portable gasoline electric generator is certainly a good idea for any disaster planning but is essential for those feeding homemade diets to their pets. It is impossible to predict the length of power outages. Victims of Hurricane Sandy went weeks without electricity, some went months. Portable generators allow dog owners to maintain electrical power to critical appliances.


Portable generators capable of supplying sufficient electricity for refrigerators and freezers cost about $200 and are readily available. A 5-gallon gas can costs about $20. Your car’s gas tank is a good storage facility for gas in case of prolonged power outages. A siphon kit to transfer gas from the car tank to the gas can is only $13.


The recent flooding in Colorado and Iowa and the fact we are only midway through hurricane season should act as reminders to prepare. You can protect your food and your dog’s food while you “weather the storm.”


Dr. Ken Tudor,


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