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Preventing Calcium Oxalate Bladder Stones in Your Dog

Ken Tudor - Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Xrays Used to Find Stones in Dogs You look at your dog’s x-ray with the vet and she says it looks like there is a calcium oxalate stone in the bladder. She recommends surgery to remove the stone and lab analysis to positively identify it. Sure enough, it turns out to be a calcium oxalate stone. Your heart sinks when the vet tells you that these stones have a high chance of recurrence even with the available diets for managing the problem. Your vet may not know that there is a diet with better success.  Read more...

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Should I Feed My Vomiting Dog?

Ken Tudor - Thursday, November 06, 2014

How to Feed a Vomiting DogYour dog started vomiting during the night. You have heard or read that you should withhold food for 24 hours and see how he does. That way whatever he got into can clear the intestines. Or should you continue to let her eat even though she may not hold it all down? Or what do you do if she doesn’t want to eat?  Read more...

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Homemade Dog Treats: Don’t Be Fooled By the Ingredients

Ken Tudor - Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Healthy Dog Treats - Sometimes Not So HealthyAs a provider of homemade dog food recipes and supplements, I am always on the lookout for homemade recipes for homemade dog treats. Finding recipes for healthy homemade treats was harder than I thought.   Read more...

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