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Five Simple Ways to Evaluate the Quality of Your Dog Food

Ken Tudor - Monday, March 24, 2014

Dog ReadingDo you second guess your dog food choice every trip to the market or pet store? Is the clerk at the pet store always suggesting another dog food choice? Does your neighbor insist that what she feeds her dog is the best? Does your veterinarian insist on the brand that the hospital offers? How are you to decide? Trust your dog and your research. These 5 easy tests will help you make the right choice.  Read more...

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How Dog Foods Make Your Dog Fat

Ken Tudor - Monday, February 10, 2014

How Dog Foods Make Your Dog FatThere are many reasons almost 60% of pets are overweight. We spoil them with treats. Our busy lifestyles interfere with regular exercise. But we are not the only reason. The way pet food is formulated has even a greater impact on the weight of our pets. How Feeding Instructions Encourage Overeating  Read more...

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