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Why Adding Meat to Your Dog’s Food is Unhealthy

Ken Tudor - Friday, May 13, 2016

Feeding Dog Unhealthy CaloriesEvery day owners assure me that they are making sure their dogs get extra protein by adding meat to their dog’s diet. We at Hearthstone are all about homemade and extra protein, so why would we say adding meat to your dog’s diet is unhealthy?


The answer is simple. You are adding unbalanced calories to the diet. The more unbalanced calories you add, the more you have to cut back on the regular diet to maintain a healthy weight. The more you cut back on the diet, the more you deprive your dog of necessary daily essential fats, vitamins and minerals. Enhance your dog’s diet with balanced protein, not just meat.

Why is meat an unbalanced addition to dog food?
Few owners actually measure the amount of meat they add to their dog’s food. They tell me “a handful,” “a few bits,” “this much” as they show me the length on their finger or the amount in their palm. And they never identify the meat cut, they only tell me it is “what we are having for dinner.” Most importantly they underestimate the amount they feed daily. So here are the problems:
1) No calorie count- Different meat cuts have different amounts of fat. Unknowingly owners are adding an unknown extra amount of fat and protein calories to the diet. If they follow the feeding instructions for the regular diet and feed the prescribed amount on the bag with the extra meat, their dogs will gain weight. Lots of weight.
2) Calcium deficiency- Adding meat adds the mineral phosphorus to the diet. Meat has virtually no calcium. Over time extra phosphorus without calcium supplementation will result in osteoporosis and the weakening of bones.
3) Multiple deficiencies- Dog food is not “super-formulated” to be a supplement for vitamins and minerals. These needs are only met by feeding as directed by the feeding instructions. If a dog owner cuts back the regular dog food to adjust for the calories added by the extra meat in the diet, that dog will be deficient essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
What is the Solution?
The answer is to add another balanced protein source to the diet. Canned dog food, especially the 98% meat products with added supplements to meet AAFCO standards, increases the protein in your dog’s diet. Because they are nutritionally balanced, you don’t sacrifice when you cut back on the dry dog food. And the label tells you exactly how many calories each can provides. Properly balanced homemade dog food offers the same tasty addition with even better quality than canned food.
Kindness to your dog is not about adding meat to the diet, it is about adding balanced protein to the diet. Better yet, feed your dog a balanced homemade dog food so you don’t have to add meat to ensure a quality diet. Let us help make sure you don’t sacrifice your dog’s health with the wrong nutritional decision.





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