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Hearthstone Homemade for Dogs was created to solve the health problems of our grand dog, Socrates. Drawing on my 30 years of veterinary experience and research with homemade dog food, we developed the Hearthstone program to provide healthy homemade dog food for Socrates’ sensitive intestinal tract. Socrates responded wonderfully. Since then, we have provided our feeding program to others who have also reported dramatically increased energy and gorgeous glossy coats. Realizing our solution for Socrates will benefit any dog, we wanted to share his healthy homemade dog food program with all dog owners.


We are a family owned business nestled in the quiet college town of Claremont, California. Located on the eastern edge of Los Angeles County, Claremont has served as an ideal location for my wife, Marsha, and I to raise our family. It also provides us proximity to the resources we need for Hearthstone Homemade. Mixing homemade dog food.


I have practiced general, small animal veterinary medicine in this area for over 24 years. I still practice part-time at various local veterinary hospitals. It is not uncommon for me to meet present and former patients out for their walks in the mornings and evenings when I am walking our dog, Roxy.


We feel strongly that nutrition is the key element to a healthy, longer life for dogs and are committed to that pursuit. In addition to our recipes and supplements, we strive to provide you with latest nutrition and health related information through our blog and other areas of our website. Information is gathered from over 20 scientific journals and from nutritional conferences that I attend yearly throughout the US, and beginning next year, Europe.


We hope you will seriously consider joining the Hearthstone community of dog owners that have discovered the best food for dogs comes from our own kitchens.


   Dr Ken Tudor


Granddaughter Ainsley: Chef-in-Training

Dr Ken Tudor was among the Veterinarians on the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) committee that recently developed Guidelines for Pet Weight Managment.

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