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Hearthstone Homemade for Dogs

Welcome!  Hearthstone Homemade for Dogs is a family owned business founded by me, Ken Tudor, DVM. Having learned early in my veterinary training of the virtues of homemade diets for various medical conditions, I have used homemade diets in various forms my entire 30 years of practice experience. Hearthstone Homemade is the culmination of those years of research. 

We are located in the quiet, college town of 

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Claremont at the far eastern edge of Los Angeles County in Southern California. This location has served as an ideal place to raise our family and provide proximity to the necessary resources for Hearthstone Homemade. I still practice general, small animal medicine at a local veterinary hospital.

Our proprietary nutrient formulas are prepared locally at a human, FDA inspected laboratory. As a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility of human pharmaceutical and nutrient products, the purity and accuracy of our formulas are superior to sources that have less stringent regulatory oversight. Quality ingredients are the cornerstone to our nutritional program.  We are also dedicated to providing superior customer service and constantly seek to improve our service and offerings. We hope your experience will confirm that commitment. If you feel we can improve please contact us and share your ideas.
Good Manufacturing Practices

Through our blog we hope to provide nutritional information that helps you better understand the complexity of nutrition and providing a balanced homemade diet. We continually review articles from over 20 scientific journals in order to provide the latest nutritional information.  Again, welcome. Enjoy your visit to our website and we hope you seriously consider joining the Hearthstone Homemade for Dogs community, a community that feels the best dog food comes from our own kitchens.

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